Protect and maximize your investment

Shehadi Commercial Flooring is committed to providing the maintenance services our customers require to help them accomplish two important goals: 1)enhance the appearance levels of their flooring and 2) extend the life cycle of their flooring investment.

Unfortunately, flooring gets walked on and can become quite an ugly picture if the proper maintenance procedures are not put in place. In addition, indoor air quality can be compromised, employee attitude and productivity can suffer and flooring life cycles can be dramatically reduced if the proper maintenance procedures are not executed.

By putting together customized maintenance programs based on the specific needs of each customer environment, Shehadi is able to maximize the effectiveness of our customers maintenance investment. One important key is that our cleaning technicians are trained and certified in the leading industry techniques, ensuring environmentally friendly applications consistent with the flooring manufacturers recommendations and warranty requirements.

Contact Shehadi Commercial Flooring today and find out how we can assist you with your flooring maintenance requirements.