Our Story

The original family business, B. Shehadi & Sons, was started in East Orange, NJ in 1900. It developed a strong reputation for excellence in the selling, repairing and cleaning of Oriental Rugs. Under the second generation, the company expanded the retail business to include sale and service of broadloom carpeting. In 1955, Fred Jr. joined his father and became the motivating force in establishing the commercial carpet division. Fred Jr. pioneered the use of modular carpeting in the “open office” environment and combined with a relentless commitment to service, the company went through a period of remarkable growth. In 1983, John and David Shehadi, fourth generation, joined the company and the strong growth continued. Shehadi became the leading dealership for commercial flooring and value added service in the New Jersey/New York marketplace, earning an outstanding reputation nationally as a true leader in our industry.

In 1996 the commercial carpet industry went through a period of rapid consolidation. Shehadi along with other leading floorcovering dealerships, were acquired by one of three manufacturing concerns: Interface, Shaw or DuPont. The commercial division of B. Shehadi & Sons, was acquired by Interface, Inc. in 1996, however, the original family business, at 400 Main Street in Chatham since 1958, remained with the Shehadi Family. John and David Shehadi went on to serve Interface for several years in outstanding fashion. David continued to manage the New Jersey/New York marketplace, while John took an assignment to develop the Florida marketplace. The new value added service division of Interface was branded “Re:Source”.

In 2001, John Shehadi returned to New Jersey to take over the original family business. In addition to enhancing the residential operation, Shehadi Residential Flooring, John has utilized his enormous commercial experience to redevelop the Shehadi Commercial Flooring division. The company is going through an exciting period of rapid growth, focused on providing outstanding product and service to our clients. In addition we have expanded our expertise into the major “hard surface” categories, i.e. hardwood, stone and ceramic, to complement our “soft surface” products and services.

Our strategy today is much the same as it has been for the four generations – build a company of outstanding floor covering professionals focused on servicing their customer’s vital needs. We have the facilities, technology and capacity to provide outstanding products and services, delivered in a professional and competitive manner that affords our clients great value.

We look forward to a great future together.